April 2018 Winning Print Images

Divided by Carol Tharp
Copyright: © Carol Tharp
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YTD 2018
A Monochrome
Pete Moores         77 pts
Carol Tharp          47 pts
Yaz Sharif              37 pts

April Winners
1st place          Divided by Carol Tharp
2nd place        Ancient Tikal Temple by Pete Moores

A Color
Carol Tharp             61 pts
Pete Moores          54 pts
Mary Moores         43 pts
Yaz Sharif               37 pts
Linda Sharif             6 pts

April Winners
1st place        The Compleat Angler by Mary Moores
1st place        Charlotte’s Tree at Dawn by Carol Tharp

AA Monochrome
Mark Brenner       79 pts
Fritz Grupe            79 pts
Marie Schreiber   65 pts
Jim Alexander      64 pts
Val Dutter              21 pts
Tom Wilkinson      9 pts

April Winners
1st place         Deserted Ranch House by Fritz Grupe
2nd place       Gaudi Architecture Barclelone by Marie Schreiber

AA Color
Mark Brenner        72 pts
Charles Kiene        72 pts
Fritz Grupe            62 pts
Marie Schreiber    61 pts
Val Dutter             42 pts
Tom Wilkiinson   39 pts
Jim Alexander        9 pts

April Winners
1st place         Antique Store Window Sante Fe by Charles Kiene
2nd place       Graffiti Palindrome #56 by Charles Kiene