February 2017 Projected Image Winners

Bald Eagle Taking Off - By Carol Grenier
Copyright: © Carol Grenier 2016
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A Division
First Place                    Samantha Strong            Bellwood Paige
Second Place              Peter Moores                   Tending the Herd
Third Place                   Franz Carver                     Western Meadowlark

AA Division
First Place                     Carol Grenier                   White Water Kayaker
Second Place               Mike Horsley                    Winter Wonderland at Thomas Creek
Third Place                    Mike Horsley                   Early Morning Splashdown for No. Shover
Honorable Mention    Carol Grenier                   Winter Drink
Honorable Mention    Stephanie Bell                 Abandoned in Bodega Bay

A Division
First Place                     Franz Carver Marmot
Second Place               Jim Alexander                   Scrub Jays – Male and Female
Third Place                   Peter Moores                    Lilac Breasted Roller

AA Division
First Place                     Carol Grenier                    Bald Eagle Taking Off
Second Place               Mike Horsley                     Mallard Drakes Landing in Tandem
Third Place                    Mike Horsley                    Sackens Bee Hunter Waits for Prey
Honorable Mention    Patrick Pevey                    Snow Monkeys Huddling for Warmth