Nature’s Best Backyard Photo Contest

Entry Guidelines

Final deadline: Sept. 26, 2017 (Read full Nature’s Best Backyard Photo Contest Entry Guidelines!)

Contest Brief:
The editors of Nature’s Best Photography invite all photographers to celebrate nature close to home by entering the 2017 best backyards photo contest. Submit images made in your own backyard, in a public or private garden, or nearby park.

The winning images will be featured in Nature’s Best Photography Magazine and online galleries, and shared on social media. The entries are judged on their technical quality, composition, originality, and artistic merit. Open to professionals, amateurs, and youth.

Entry fee: $30 us for adults / free entry for youth (age 18 and under as of Sept. 26, 2017)

Images per entry:  For each paid contest entry you may submit up to 25 images.


This contest is not judged in categories. Suggested backyard topics:

Wildlife: Wild animals from your backyard habitat (no captive animals are accepted)—birds, mammals, etc.

Water life: Ponds, streams, and wetlands in a backyard environment; also frogs, fish, and aquatic plant life.

Plant life: Flowers, trees, and other flora in their natural habitat (identify exotic or hybrid species) around your home.

Private backyard gardens: Beautiful backyard (or frontyard) habitats that have been created to invite wildlife. Public parks and gardens: Community parks and gardens close to home (please identify location).

Small world: Close-up or macro shots of flowers or butterflies, caterpillars, insects, etc., in a backyard setting.

Nature’s Best Photography Call for Entries