Finance Article I

The annual dues and competition fees shall be set by the Executive Board and must be approved by the majority membership. The fiscal year for the club shall be from January 1st through December 31st. Annual reports will be rendered to the members.

Elections Article II

Election of club officers shall be held annually. The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee of three members. The Nominating Committee will select the incoming nominees and present a single slate of officers at the last meeting in September and the first meeting in October. Nomination and election of officers at the last meeting in October. Installation of new officers at first meeting in

December. Additional nominations can be made from the floor. A written ballot shall be taken if necessary.

Vacancies in club officers shall be filled by the President, subject to approval by the Executive

Board. Vacancy of the President’s office shall be filled by advancement of the Vice-President.

Duties of Officers Article III

Duties of the President shall be: To preside at all club meetings and Executive Board meetings; to appoint chairmen of all committees; to work with the Secretary Treasurer to maintain non-profit status under section 501 (a) of the Internal Revenue Service; to act as club spokesman; to generally supervise and keep in touch with all club activities.

Duties of the Vice-President shall be: to assume duties of the president in his absence; act as Program Chairman; to work with Secretary-Treasurer to maintain non-profit status under section 501 (a) of the Internal Revenue Service, to act as club director on Executive Board.

Duties of the Secretary-Treasurer shall be: To keep records of the minutes of all meeting; to conduct correspondence of the club; to maintain records and custody of club funds and dues; to discharge club expenses and maintain records thereof; prepare periodic reports of club finances; to see that compliance with Internal Revenue rules for non-profit status under section 501 (a) is met and to file tax forms if so required; to prepare annual budget; to act as club director on Executive board.

Duties of Committees Article IV

The activities of club committees shall be determined by the Executive Board. The activities decided upon shall thereafter be carried out by the committee chairmen and members appointed by the chairmen to the respective committees.

Committee chairmen shall prepare reports of activities and progress periodically for presentation to the Executive Board or to the membership of club meetings, and act as club directors on Executive Board.

Quorum Article V

A quorum of the membership for the purpose of conducting club business shall consist of not less than one-third of the entire membership.