Print Competitions


  1. Two print divisions:
    1. COLOR  and
  2. Maximum two images each division.
  3. All prints may be commercially processed or printed on a home printer for competition.
  4. Prints must be mounted and be between  5″x7″ and  16″x20” —preferably matted.

Size to include matting and mounting.

Frames or glass cannot be accepted.

  1. Prints must be labeled with the TITLE and PHOTOGRAPHER’S NAME on the back (Upper left corner) DO NOT put your name or address labels on front of plastic bag.
  2. In addition to the prints that will be judged you will need to submit a digital file of your entry with the Members Name and Same Title of the print to These will be used in the Club meeting and for posting in the website and newsletter. This file can be 1920px wide but no bigger than 1080px high. Keep the image size to 1 megabit or less.