March 2018 Projected Image Winners

A Division
First Place                    Peter Moores                    Autumn Abstract
Second Place              Mary Moores                    Roses and Chocolates
Third Place                  Carl Adams                        Rodeo Horses

AA Division
First Place                      Mike Horsley                   Western Grebes Mourn Loss of Nest
Second Place                Carol Grenier                   White Water Kayaker
Third Place                    Patrick Pevey                    White-backed Vulture Squabble
Honorable Mention    Mike Horsley                    Pied-billed Grebe Passes Fish to Happy Baby

A Division
First Place                     Charles Kiene                   Daybreak at Mono Lake
Second Place               Carol Tharp                       Swamp on Lakeland, FL
Third Place                   Carl Adams                       Starling Drinkiing from Frozen Pond

AA Division
First Place                     Carol Grenier                    Plains Zebra Fighting
Second Place               Mike Horsley                    Ameican White Pelican Skims the Waves
Third Place                   Mike Horsley                    Gila Woodpecker on Saguaro
Honorable Mention    Patrick Pevey                    African Elephant Calf Guided by Mom

March Cumulative Scores